Every woman wants to feel comfortable, confident and sexy, especially during her intimate moments with her partner around. Whereas, after the sexual power of women, there are many ways to use it wisely and to show that it can run on your partner with a mixture of feelings of Love, Lust and Desire for you. The most important mean that any woman can utilize is a Designer Lingerie, Chemise.

The History of Chemise

Chemise is basically a French term which, in today refers to the shirt in general explanation. This is a cognate of the Italian word camicia, and the Spanish word Camisa which subsequently borrowed as Kameez by Hindi / Urdu, all deriving ultimately from the Latin Camisia, itself coming from Celtic. The Romans avidly imported cloth and clothes from the Celts. The English called the same shirt a smock and the Irish called it a LĂ©ine. For an alternative etymology from Persian via Arabic and ultimately Greek, rather than Latin roots.

In Western countries, women’s shirts do not fall out of fashion until the 20th century, when they were usually replaced full slips, girdles and brassieres. Men’s shirts may be said to survive as the common-shirt, which is still used underwear. The shirt also becomes a dress, a garment worn by English workers until the early 20. Loose-fitting sleeves and all adapted well to hard work. The name of the shirt is still used for military combat jackets in the UK, while in the Belgian Army, the term has been corrupted to smoke the vest.

Chemise seems to have been developed from the Roman Tunica and became popular during the Middle Ages in Europe. Women wore shifts or chemises underneath their gowns or robes; men wore chemises with their trousers and covered the chemises with garments such as doublets, robes, etc. At times, it was generally the only piece of clothing that was washed regularly.

Chemise, these days..

Recently, the term usually refers to the fashionable woman’s nightwear, which vaguely reminiscent of old shirts, but these are usually more delicate, and usually provocative. More commonly the term refers to the soft line, sleeveless garment as a piece of Lingerie. You may consider it as a short, sleeveless dress that hangs straight shoulders and fits freely at the waistline.

The term describes the short, loose ways, sleeveless. This type of Lingerie or sleepwear known and has been popular for comfort. In general, however, Chemise is the loose-fit at the hips and is usually designed to look like more of a woman’s sleepwear, although many modern varieties only vaguely follow this definition adding various sexuality features ignite the intimate moments.